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Engineering Design & Certification

Engineering is our Strength.

Our comprehensive Engineering Design, Supervision and Certification Services include

  • Development of Scope of Work and Scaffold Specification
  • Engineering design, analysis and design certification
  • Concept and IFC drawings and installation procedure schematics
  • SWMS and ITP documentation
  • Engineering direction and supervision during installation
  • Inspection and certification of installation prior to handover

Thanks to the experience and expertise of our professional in-house engineering team you can be confident that scaffold installations designed by Above Scaffolding:

  • meet your requirements,
  • comply with relevant Australian standards and codes of practice,
  • are structurally adequate for all applicable loading conditions, and
  • can be erected and dismantled safely and efficiently.

This is assured from the outset through our rigorous Design Process:

  1. A. Specification Development

    In consultation with your site team we develop a detailed specification for the proposed scaffold installation which clearly defines

    • the scope, functionality and extent of the scaffold
    • applicable codes and standards, and project specific requirements
    • the applied actions, loading conditions and Working Load Limit
  2. B. Concept Design & Methodology Review

    A general arrangement drawing set is prepared based on the design specification. The concept design and methodology is workshopped with your site team and, where applicable, representatives of the subcontractors who will be working from the scaffold

  3. C. Final Design and Installation Procedure

    The design drawings are revised and detailed to capture the inputs and outcomes of the design review. An installation procedure schematic is prepared based on the agreed installation methodology. Design loads and reactions are calculated and tabled. The final document set is issued for review and approval, complete with the Engineering Design Certification.

    Where required we will secure third party verification and certification of our in-house design.

    Our in-house engineering capability ensures that we have the agility and resourcefulness to respond and adapt promptly and effectively to changes in requirements and conditions.

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